Fleet Insurance for small businesses

July 18th, 2018 Goldcrest Insurance

insurance for small fleetOften when fleet insurance is mentioned it brings to mind large corporations with many employees, but fleet insurance can also be a great solution for smaller businesses. There are fleet insurance options for large, medium and small businesses, each tailored to be the most cost efficient for the size of business taking the insurance out. Read More

Insurance Cover for Building Developments

May 31st, 2018 Commerical Property Insurance

Insurance for building developmentsIn any building development you will need to consider the following insurances:

Existing structure cover– If you have a premises which you decide to develop you will need to cover the existing property even if it’s just the front façade being left as this will not be included in any other insurances. This is the cover that the bank/lender will normally request This cover is normally basic (i.e. restricted to fire, lightning, earthquake/explosion, aircraft & subsidence)is because of the ongoing works. A more comprehensive cover can often be applied to include malicious damage and escape of water, however restrictions will apply. Read More

The pro’s and pros of dealing with a good High Net Worth insurance broker

May 2nd, 2018 Personal Insurances

high net worth car and house insuranceSo why use a Broker and not go direct or through a comparison site?
Use a broker like Goldcrest Insurance who have been dealing with High Net Worth Insurance clients for 40 years and you have access to the whole high net worth market. Not only this but we know each insurers product inside out and their requirements which in turn is relayed to the clients and keeps them safe. Not only this but Goldcrest Insurance also negotiate premium on their client’s behalf ensuring they are getting the best rate possible. Read More

Combining your Landlords Insurance

February 26th, 2018 Property Owners

landlords Insurance for let propertyBTL (Buy-to-Let) property insurance (also known as Landlords’ insurance) is needed to protect you from potentially huge financial outlay in the case of something going wrong with your rental property. It is important that you have thorough cover in place for your own peace of mind. Below are some of the different insurances that can make up comprehensive BTL property insurance , and why it make sense financially to consolidate these various policies. Read More

Changes in HMO Legislation for Landlords

January 23rd, 2018 HMO Property Insurance

HMO Legislation changesWith many changes in HMO Legislation in the last 12 months, it’s no surprise that Landlords don’t know which way to turn. With  increasing stamp duty, changes in taxation and ever increasing regulations, being a landlord is becoming more of a minefield every day.  Having said that, HMO property can still be a good investment if you do your research, look after your property and tenants and understand those areas where cost savings can still be made. One such area where you can help to cut costs is by working with a specialist Insurance broker that really understands HMO Insurance and has access to all the best policies out there. Read More