cyber crime insurance

Cyber Insurance may not be top of your list of insurances, but with 5 of our clients being hit in the last 12 months and with losses exceeding 100k, I thought I would go back over CYBER Insurance and how it can protect your business.

Firstly, do you have use an IT company who are your 1st line of defence for cyber-attacks? If you do, great, as your IT company will put in place Firewalls, Anti-Virus, Gate Way screening and End user education etc. If you don’t get one!
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expensive ring

Most people will have contents insurance, whether it is included as part of a building and contents policy or standalone. Many of them, however, have not considered whether the coverage provided is sufficient to replace all their home contents nor are they aware of any exclusions for certain items. If you own specific items of value, they may not be covered under a standard home contents insurance policy, or the total insurance coverage may not be enough to replace these items on top of the rest of your contents. Read More

property developers insurance

There are plenty of property developers out there who go it alone, by this we mean they are the ones who go out there and source the property or land and then they are the ones that take on the build of the, development instead of sourcing it out to a building contractor.

When this is the case the Property Developer’s insurance must be correct to make sure the whole risk is insured. Read More

High Net worth celebrity insurance

We insured a well-known celebrity recently for a high net worth Buildings and Contents insurance. The celebrity was referred into us and was previously insuring on a comparison site. A comparison site is no place for a High Net worth client, as there is no way they can be advised on all the endorsements that can catch them out, on what is known as a standard wording policy. Read More

building developments insurance

In any building development you will need to consider the following insurances:

Existing structure cover– If you have a premises which you decide to develop you will need to cover the existing property even if it’s just the front façade being left as this will not be included in any other insurances. This is the cover that the bank/lender will normally request This cover is normally basic (i.e. restricted to fire, lightning, earthquake/explosion, aircraft & subsidence)is because of the ongoing works. A more comprehensive cover can often be applied to include malicious damage and escape of water, however restrictions will apply. Read More