Do you need Product Liability Insurance

April 13, 2018 Goldcrest Insurance

Product Liability InsuranceProduct Liability Insurance protects those company’s that make, design or sell products on either a business to business or business to consumer basis. Whilst this type of insurance isn’t a legal requirement it is one that you might want to consider. Read More

Combining your Landlords Insurance

February 26, 2018 Property Owners

landlords Insurance for let propertyBTL (Buy-to-Let) property insurance (also known as Landlords’ insurance) is needed to protect you from potentially huge financial outlay in the case of something going wrong with your rental property. It is important that you have thorough cover in place for your own peace of mind. Below are some of the different insurances that can make up comprehensive BTL property insurance , and why it make sense financially to consolidate these various policies. Read More

Changes in HMO Legislation for Landlords

January 23, 2018 HMO Insurance

HMO Legislation changesWith many changes in HMO Legislation in the last 12 months, it’s no surprise that Landlords don’t know which way to turn. With  increasing stamp duty, changes in taxation and ever increasing regulations, being a landlord is becoming more of a minefield every day.  Having said that, HMO property can still be a good investment if you do your research, look after your property and tenants and understand those areas where cost savings can still be made. One such area where you can help to cut costs is by working with a specialist Insurance broker that really understands HMO Insurance and has access to all the best policies out there. Read More

Luxury Car Insurance for High Net Worth Drivers

November 21, 2017 Vehicle Insurance

high net worth car insuranceWhile for some people a car is just a means of travelling from one place to another, for others owning a prestige car means a lot more. Those who own high net worth cars are looking for much more than merely a mode of transport. Read More

Why Property Investing is nearly always a good idea!

September 19, 2017 Property Owners

Investing in property While there are plenty of other ways to invest your money (stock market trading, becoming a business angel, starting your own business, etc.) it is widely acknowledged that property is one of the best investments for your money. Property has long been a safe way to invest – whereas other means will need you to have specialist knowledge of one sort or another, investing in property is accessible to anyone who can get a mortgage. Read More

Insurance requirements for Property Portfolio Owners

August 3, 2017 Property Owners

property portfolio owners insuranceIf you’ve invested in multiple houses to build up a property portfolio, you’ll know how important it is to look after your investments and ensure you have all the right property owner’s insurance for each. Read More

How to Reduce the Fire Risk in your Home

June 7, 2017 Residential Insurance

reduce the risk of fireNobody likes to think about the idea of a fire occurring in their home. Unfortunately, however, house fires do happen and when they do they can be devastating to the property where they occur and to the occupants of said property. Read More

Insurance for Commercial buildings occupied by Guardians

May 17, 2017 Commerical Property Insurance

empty commercial buildingsGuardians of the Galaxy, yes we’ve all heard about them, but what about guardians of commercial occupied buildings. These are the new tenant types in town who are being installed into commercial property to secure it for the landlord.
Read More

Fleet Insurance Claims causing increase in premiums

May 15, 2017 Vehicle Insurance

fleet of vansExtortionate Hire charges are crippling companies Fleet Insurance Premiums

We are motor fleet insurance specialist and have recently come across 2 cases where insurers are being pushed to pay overinflated hire charges.
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What insurance policies do property developers need

April 28, 2017 Property Owners

property being developedThis is a very popular question we get asked on a daily basis.

Why? Well because the developer isn’t always sure exactly what they need.

Their profession is renovating or building new houses, so how should they know? Read More