22nd May 2019

double-inverted-comma Sometimes loyalty can blind you, I had no reason to change our public liability and builders insurance from our present insurers, who happened to be a friend of mine (So I believed) however being a member of BNI and having Joel in our group I thought it only right to give him the opportunity to provide me with a quote.

Well, what can I say Joel reviewed our existing quote and gave me an education on why as a growing company “we actually need to grow up”. He broke down what we required with attention to detail being the optimum word, embarrassingly he explained that the cover we had to-date wasn’t worth the paper it was written on and he gently coerced me to understanding why I need to pay more and then gave us payment options, very kind of him.

In a space of a week all the documentation had been issued and we decided to start the policy immediately because basically we where not covered sufficiently.

Joel has a love for one of probably the most unexciting subjects you can imagine and I thank him for his enthusiasm, attention detail and for getting the job done with minimum effort from me.

Joel I salute you… double-inverted-comma

Martin Wilkinson – Ambro Wilks

double-inverted-comma Hi Mark,

I’d like to thank you for your service.

I requested a quotation for my public liability insurance renewal. I already have my home contents insurance with Goldcrest.

As you know i already had a good policy with a company i’d been with for a while now and was nervous to change company. However i found you to be even more thorough than them, efficient and reasonably priced.

I will not hesitate to recommend you to anymore requiring your insurance service. double-inverted-comma

Zena Nairi LLB (Hons) – REFURB-IT-ALL

Re: 7th June 2018

double-inverted-comma I can highly recommend Goldcrest Insurance Ltd to anyone looking for a genuinely trusted insurance broker and professional customer service. Alex and his colleagues not only took the time to guide me through all the company’s specific insurance needs, but insisted that i should speak to their director who personally found us an insurance quote that was both price competitive and comprehensive for our need. Since then i have referred three other companies to Goldcrest Insurance Ltd and they have successfully delivered every time. double-inverted-comma

Rumen Zhechev – Director, White Cleat Ltd

Re:Testimonial for your business – 14th September 2017

double-inverted-comma Dear Tom,

I’ve been facing rising premiums on my Physiotherapy practice insurance policies year on year and I recently asked you to take a look and see if you could find me a better deal.

Not only have you saved me £300 but you also spotted some errors that my previous policy providers had missed which would have left areas of my practice not properly covered by insurance.

I’d like to thank you so much for your efforts in researching a better deal and your thoroughness in making sure I had all areas covered. Furthermore you spotted areas of cover that I didn’t need where significant savings could be made.

I really appreciate the hard work you have put in and would recommend you to other business owners. double-inverted-comma

Diana Wilson – Physio on the River Ltd

Re:Goldcrest Insurance – Strong IT Testimonial – 3rd March 2017

double-inverted-comma Dear Mark,

I have been using Goldcrest Insurance services for many years, for both my personal home contents insurance and for all my business insurance (PI, office insurance, van insurance, goods in transit, etc.).

At all times I have found your team friendly and knowledgeable, your advice on point and the pricing highly completive – as you always investigate the market and get the right policies tailor made for me.

This is a given and is the service you offer, but is not the reason why I am writing this testimonial.

After one of your recent 60 seconds, you mentioned pool car insurance and it got me thinking about my own company car insurance policies.

My personal car policy was due for renewal and an extremely hefty premium (I have no idea why!).

After a brief conversation and with you investigating the market, you worked out that I could consolidate all the company car’s in my business along with my own car policy for the same cost as my own policy alone.

Not only did you save me a fortune, you managed to get me a far better policy for my business and consolidate all my costs under one policy on a very reasonable payment plan.

I have always used and referred you, but this only cements the fact that I will continue to do so when opportunity arises.

So to, “Insure with the best call Mark at Goldcrest” – thank you Mark. double-inverted-comma

Warren Lipman – Storm IT

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- Greg Newman - DOR-2-DOR

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