Piling and Underpinning Contractors Insurance

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Public liability insurance for piling contractors is available with Goldcrest. Many of our competitors will not accommodate this type of risk as they find Piling contractors to be high risk.

There is no hiding from it when piling down to depths between 10 and 50 metres , if the piling is not done correctly or there are faulty piles being put in place then this will have huge implications to the standing of the infrastructure being worked upon.

Many policies will come with efficacy cover which excludes cover if the pile fails to operate, but we can include this endorsement if the piling contractor requests this cover. To cover the piles can be expensive, but when working on huge projects no risk can be taken.Piling contractor for insurance

We offer public liability for piling contractors from 1 million to 10 million and for the larger contractors, we can provide an excess of loss to meet their required level.

Insurance for building contractors that undertake piling works as part of overall projects, again certain insurers will put this as an immediate decline, but we can work this into your policy as a percentage of your turnover, whether this is undertaken by your own business or by bona-fide sub contractors.

We always make sure we go through the endorsements with you at point of sale, as Piling contractors fall under the header of high risk liability insurance , this ensures you know exactly what and what not your policy covers you for.

You can see that at Goldcrest we care about our customers and want to make sure they understand what is covered and what is not with all our policies.  So if you want the best service and competitive quote why not call us!