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HMO Insurance is critical these days with many landlords of  HMO properties (house of multiple occupancy) being considered a higher insurance risk, so finding good value is often difficult. This is where we come in, to offer you a tailor made quote to suit your needs, we are independent and so have access to a wide range of policies across the market.

Your liabilities, obligations and requirements change significantly when compared to a standard let property owner. Consequently you will need a specialist policy to cater for this. This is where we can help; we tender the market and approach specialist underwriters who tailor their quotations to meet the proposer’s needs and regulations.

HMO insurance for properties

The most important thing when considering a HMO Insurance policy is how much the building is covered for.

Ideally, you must contemplate what would cover the cost of rebuilding  from scratch in the event of a fire or natural disaster as well as covering loss of rent to tide you over.

At Goldcrest we are proud to be one of the UK’s best providers of specific HMO Insurance policies and we will work with you to ensure that you have the right level of cover for your needs.

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HMO Insurance Optional Benefits

Loss of rent and buildings cover are as standard, but other optional benefits we offer in addition are: alternative accommodation costs; landlords’ contents (if you have furniture in the property); contributions towards alternative accommodation for your tenants, legal protection, rent guarantee and public and property owners’ liability, in case anyone injures themselves in the property.

If you are a property developer and hire staff, it’s also important to ensure you have employers’ liability insurance to cover you for injuries or illnesses which we can also cater for.

Whether you own one property or a larger portfolio, finding the right Insurance is as important as finding the right tenant and at Goldcrest, we’ll find you the right level of cover to protect your properties:

Along with any type of tenant:

  • Professional
  • DSS/Housing association
  • Students
  • Asylum Seekers

What Are Houses Of Multiple Occupation?

HMO properties are also known as Homes in Multiple Occupation or Multiple Occupancy Homes which are properties found in the private sector housing that shares a bathroom or kitchen with someone else in the property (For example two separate bedrooms rented by different people but they both share the same kitchen and/or bedroom).

They are an incredibly popular investment in areas with large student populations, hospitals, airports or anywhere in fact where there are likely to be people needing shorter term or more affordable accommodation. They can be a good investment because renting out each room individually is likely to bring in a higher yield than the property as a whole.

There are some downsides of course, you are responsible for many of the bills associated with the property, maintenance and upkeep of communal areas which are generally not looked after as well as those properties which are let as a complete unit.  Again, another reason why HMO Insurance is so important in these instances to ensure you have full protection.

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