Liability Insurance for Ground Workers, Contractors and Civil Engineers

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Liability for Ground workers and Civil Engineers falls into the high risk insurance category. There doesn’t seem to be any apparent risk for someone not in the trade, but when you are in it you know what type of obstacles you might come across which could potentially cause a large claim.

For instance what happens if your workforce went through an electrical service pipework or any other hidden service. The result could be a huge claim if not covered properly. To be honest though the professionals in this industry usually get this right with clever underground map work … but you never know , which is why is causes such great risk.

Liability for ground workers can be covering works at a building site, on a motorway, pavements etc, all high risk locations.

Public Liability cover starts from 1 million and usually goes up to 10 million, but we can provide an excess layer above this if needed. Employers Groundworkers in high risk jobLiability is standard at 10 million and will cover your staff working at these hazardous locations. The public liability will cover you in the event you damage any third party property which as said before could be a large claim if damaging services.

You can also have included contractors all risk to make a complete policy and this will cover you for the length of the contract, cost of the contract and will also cover any plant you have whether hired in plant or own plant and also if needed employees tools.

As a broker we have been dealing in the high risk sector for 20 years now so not only do we know which insurer to place you with, we know exactly what cover would suit your business and what to look out for in terms of endorsements on policies, which if not seen properly could easily lead to a claim being declined.

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