Re:Mark Herbert – 2nd September 2016

double-inverted-comma Dear Mark,

Early in July I unfortunately encountered a minor collision with a van to which Mark provided excellent support. He was very helpful – offering to investigate the liability dispute that occurred between myself and the other driver and helped to achieve the right outcome. Mark was also very helpful in advising me on the paperwork that was required to the other drivers insurance in order to make a claim. He was quick to respond and easy to reach via telephone and email. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mark for all his help and to offer this testimonial of him – I cannot recommend Mark enough. He is very helpful and a sheer pleasure to work and communicate with. double-inverted-comma

Sebastian Sandler – XUL Architecture

Re: Mark- 28 July 2016

double-inverted-comma Dear Mark,

I wanted to thank you for your help with insuring my recently purchased Porsche 911 Turbo.

You came highly recommended to me via Ashley Winston of Palmdale Motors, and I’m very pleased to say that you absolutely lived up to expectation.

The quotes I had received previously were very competitively priced but I was not sure whether I was getting the right level of cover to protect my car, which is quite a significant investment for me. You helped me by ensuring I ended up with insurance cover that is very comprehensive.

You are on the ball, you know your stuff and I constantly felt like you were on my side trying to get me the best deal.

I will very happily recommend you to anyone needing insurancedouble-inverted-comma

Jill Kent

Re: Styliana Vasili – 29 Jun 2016

double-inverted-comma Dear Tom,

I would like to thank Goldcrest Insurance and yourself for ensuring that we are now insured for our Roofing work thoroughly and accurately.

You came to a BNI meeting a month after I had been struggling to secure a Policy that would cover us for Roofing and Heat Work. I had requested two quotes (after dozens of email exchanges answering questionnaire after questionnaire) from two other Insurance Brokers that month and they had still not managed to secure us an appropriate Policy that could cover our needs as a Roofing Company.

One of the Brokers kindly informed us after about a month of trying to secure a Policy for us that he could get us insured for everything…apart from Roofing and Heat Work. But that’s what we needed our Policy to cover us for in the first place! The other broker could not get us Insured by an A rated Insurance Company and the best deal he could get for us was a Roofing Policy that incorporated Heat Work with an Insurance Company that I had never heard of. I did a simple Google Search and found that this Insurance Company was on the way to insolvency. A few months down the line, the paper the Policy would have been written on would have had more value attached to it than the Policy itself.

You approached me after the meeting and told me that you could get us a Policy from an A rated Insurance Company at a fraction of the quote I had received. I politely agreed and thought you would not be able to. You were able to secure us a Lloyd’s Policy that covered us for Roofing and Heat Work for significantly less money than the quote we had received by the other Broker from the random, almost insolvent Insurance company we were quoted for. I was confused and asked you how you managed it. You told me that your friends with IIGL who are best friends with Lloyd’s. Moral of the story? You have better friends in the Insurance world than other Insurance Brokers and consequently get the best deals!

We look forward to growing our future Policies with Goldcrest Insurance as we grow.double-inverted-comma

Styliana Vasili – Buildas Limited

Re: Mark Herbert – 29th July 2015

double-inverted-comma MRA Plumbing and Heating Works to the highest standards and because We Work to those standards we expect the highest standards from the people we work with,that’s why we use Mark from Goldcrest.

Mark recently saved me £200 on my car insurance but it’s not just about the money,I know that I’m in safe hands with Mark and his team.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mark for any insurance policy.He recently saved a friend of mine on his fleet insurance.double-inverted-comma

Matthew Andrews – MRA Plumbing & Heating (UK) Ltd

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