PI insurance

Working with subcontractors to take on work outside the scope or scale of what your business can handle alone, whether it’s specialised tasks or larger projects, is far from abnormal. However, it does raise questions about insurance and liability. When you take on a subcontractor, you take on the liability for their work, but are you also covered for it? Read More

taxi rank

If you run a taxi service, ensuring that all of the vehicles in your fleet are individually insured can be a massive hassle. Not only do you have to process lots of all the contracts separately, but you also have to keep tabs on how many vehicles are in your fleet. It’s a logistical nightmare and makes expanding or contracting your operations difficult. Read More

The intermediate guide to High Net Worth Insurance

valuable car

The last time you took out an insurance policy, you might have noticed in the small print that the policy did not cover certain valuable things. That’s probably because you were taking out a standard insurance policy as opposed to some high net worth cover. Read More

insurance form

One of the biggest questions that any business owner will need to consider is whether or not to take out any public liability insurance. Unlike some other forms of business insurance, public liability cover isn’t a legal obligation in the UK so it’s up to the business owner as to whether they take out a policy or not. Read More

How to Save Money on Fleet Insurance

how to save money on fleet insurance

If you or your business has multiple vehicles, then it’s in your best interests to ensure that they’re fully covered and insured against any incidents on the roads. While the usual route is to protect each vehicle individually, it makes a lot more sense to cover the entire fleet, rather than getting insurance for each and every car or truck. It saves time, money, and is better for your business, since it means any driver can drive any vehicle, and still be covered. To see how Goldcrest can help with your Fleet insurance further information can be found here Read More

Property Developers Cover

Many lenders are now asking for Contract works insurance when lending money, so the developer has full control of the insurance for the development they are working on.

So what are all of these insurances involved in property development insurance and how does it all work? Read More

Why HMO Property is a Good Investment in 2019

HMO House

Whether you’re a prospective investor looking to enter the property market for the first time or you’re an experienced developer or landlord eager to boost your revenue, there’s no doubt that HMO investing is a term that you will have encountered during the research phases. The big question is whether this type of investment is still a productive one; the short answer is yes! Read More

What is Contract Works Insurance and do I need it?

who needs contract works insurance

This phrase is becoming more common nowadays with Lenders becoming much more careful on how they protect the money they are lending. Due to this they require their clients when doing a build to take out contract works insurance to cover the contract.

Contract Works insurance can either be taken out solely by the developer if he is going to be in charge of project managing the build, or in joint names between the developer and the building contractor. Read More

Why take out Cyber Insurance

cyber crime insurance

Cyber Insurance may not be top of your list of insurances, but with 5 of our clients being hit in the last 12 months and with losses exceeding 100k, I thought I would go back over CYBER Insurance and how it can protect your business.

Firstly, do you have use an IT company who are your 1st line of defence for cyber-attacks? If you do, great, as your IT company will put in place Firewalls, Anti-Virus, Gate Way screening and End user education etc. If you don’t get one!
Read More