Insuring a Rent 2 Rent Property

rent 2 rent serviced accommodation

Rent 2 Rent is becoming increasingly popular in the property world. It involves the sub-letting of a property. The owner gives full control over to another person or managing agent to act as the landlord. This can beneficial to the property owner as it takes away the work involved in ensuring that property is let, collecting rents, dealing with any tenant issues. It is also seen now in the arena of Serviced Accommodation.

The rise of websites such as Airbnb has completely changed the marketplace and for property owners that want a hands-off investment, handing over responsibility to someone else in managing Serviced Accommodation or indeed an HMO, or standard BTL can seem an attractive prospect. Read More

Getting the Right Property Portfolio Insurance

property portfolio insurance

We recently received a call from a management company to arrange a property portfolio insurance for one of their clients.

With a substantial property portfolio, it can be difficult to manage the insurance cover for each of your properties especially when the portfolio manager has insured them individually, with each property having a slightly different renewal date. Read More

Combining Your Landlords Insurance

Properties covered by Landlord Insurance

Buy to Let (BTL) property insurance (also known as Landlords’ insurance) is needed to protect you from potentially huge financial outlay in the case of something going wrong with your rental property. It is important that you have thorough cover in place for your own peace of mind. Below are some of the different insurances that can make up comprehensive BTL property insurance , and why it make sense financially to consolidate these various policies. Read More

Why Property Investing is nearly always a good idea!

Property is a good investment

While there are plenty of other ways to invest your money (stock market trading, becoming a business angel, starting your own business, etc.) it is widely acknowledged that property is one of the best investments for your money. Property has long been a safe way to invest – whereas other means will need you to have specialist knowledge of one sort or another, investing in property is accessible to anyone who can get a mortgage. Read More

property owners insurance

If you’ve invested in multiple houses to build up a property portfolio, you’ll know how important it is to look after your investments and ensure you have all the right property owner’s insurance for each. Read More

land being developed

This is a very popular question we get asked on a daily basis.

Why? Well because the developer isn’t always sure exactly what they need.

Their profession is renovating or building new houses, so how should they know? Read More

Different Property Portfolio Insurance Packages

property portfolio

Property Portfolio Insurance for a Block of Flats

We have taken on 3 property portfolios this week and all have varied in size and shape!

The first property portfolio insurance we set up was for a large property company which had just purchased a huge portfolio of properties from another company. Read More

Rental Guarantee Insurance to Protect Landlords

Property to rent

Here we explain more about our Rent Guarantee Insurance and why it has been created.  The main reason it was created was to protect landlords against both rent arrears and rent default.

The current economic climate has forced many landlords to put their default rates up and with the unemployment crisis displaying no vast improvement many tenants are struggling with the increased cost of living. Read More

Deposit disputes prevented through word of mouth

Property to rent on the increase

With the Tenancy Deposit Protection scheme having been introduced in April 2007 to “enable landlords and agents to comply with the law”; new information has come to light demonstrating the benefits of greater communication between landlords and tenants.

The research presented by my|deposits (the company appointed by the government with the task of operating the Tenancy Deposit Protection scheme in ’07) have shown that due to greater communication between landlords and tenants fewer disputes have proceeded to a formal Alternative Dispute Resolution judgment by the scheme, in fact in the last year alone 30.1% of notified disputes did not lead to adjudication. Read More