Luxury Car Insurance for High Net Worth Drivers

high net worth car insuranceWhile for some people a car is just a means of travelling from one place to another, for others owning a prestige car means a lot more. Those who own high net worth cars are looking for much more than merely a mode of transport. Read More

Why Property Investing is nearly always a good idea!

Investing in property While there are plenty of other ways to invest your money (stock market trading, becoming a business angel, starting your own business, etc.) it is widely acknowledged that property is one of the best investments for your money. Property has long been a safe way to invest – whereas other means will need you to have specialist knowledge of one sort or another, investing in property is accessible to anyone who can get a mortgage. Read More

How to Reduce the Fire Risk in your Home

reduce the risk of fireNobody likes to think about the idea of a fire occurring in their home. Unfortunately, however, house fires do happen and when they do they can be devastating to the property where they occur and to the occupants of said property. Read More

Ensuring you have the right HMO Insurance when using a Property Management Company

HMO Property LondonSo the last couple of weeks we have been writing a lot of business for the HMO insurance sector.

What has really caught my eye in the recent weeks is the increase on landlords handing over the control of their investment properties to management companies in exchange for guaranteed rental income over a contracted period, this period is usually over 12 months or more. Read More

Different Property Portfolio Insurance Packages

Property Portfolio Insurance for a Block of Flats

row of propertiesWe have taken on 3 property portfolios this week and all have varied in size and shape!

The first property portfolio insurance we set up was for a large property company which had just purchased a huge portfolio of properties from another company. Read More