How to Save Money On Fleet Insurance

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If you or your business has multiple vehicles, then it’s in your best interests to ensure that they’re fully covered and insured against any incidents on the roads. While the usual route is to protect each vehicle individually, it makes a lot more sense to cover the entire fleet, rather than getting insurance for each and every car or truck. It saves time, money, and is better for your business, since it means any driver can drive any vehicle, and still be covered. To see how Goldcrest can help with your Fleet insurance further information can be found here

Below, we take a look at some of the financial advantages of fleet insurance.

Multiple Vehicle Insurance
On a per vehicle cost basis, it’s typically cheaper to insure a vehicle under a fleet policy than it is to insure it on its own. If you have many cars, trucks, or taxis at your business, then you’ll find that these costs stack up pretty quickly. When you have multiple vehicles under the same policy, then the costs will be lower. It’s also much cheaper to add another vehicle to the policy than to ensure that vehicle on its own.

Less Paperwork
Time is money, as they say. Rather than going through the lengthy, time-consuming process of filling out the paperwork for each vehicle, getting quotes, making payments, and so on, it’ll all be handily streamlined into one manageable process. You’ll be able to spend your time growing your business, rather than busying yourself with complicated forms. You’ll also save money when it comes to payments, too. You won’t need to pay multiple bills, which would also increase the chance of missing a payment, but rather can just make one.

How to Save Money
If you’ve decided that fleet insurance is the right option for your business, then you’ll want to think about some ways to keep the costs of taking out such a policy as low as possible. There are a few tried and tested methods that’ll work.

Driver Training
To begin, take a look at your drivers, the people who will be behind the wheel. If you’re taking the time to ensure that they have clean licenses and they’ve received additional driver training for your type of vehicle, then they’ll be judged to be less of a risk when on the roads.

Updated Vehicles
If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to update your vehicles, then this could be it. A fleet of vehicles that is kitted out with the latest safety technologies and modern features will be less likely to be involved in an incident than an old, beaten up truck. Since it’s the entire fleet that is judged when it comes to the cost of fleet insurance, you’ll want to make the whole selection as high quality as possible.

Staying Secure
Finally, make sure that you have policies and technologies to ensure that everything is kept secure. Safety measures, such as not keeping valuables in your truck and having a driver dash cam installed, can help to lower the amount of your fleet insurance policy.

I can therefore confidently recommend Goldcrest Insurance to anyone that wants good affordable insurance with great customer service.

- Greg Newman - DOR-2-DOR

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