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double-inverted-comma Hi Mark,

I’d like to thank you for your service.

I requested a quotation for my public liability insurance renewal. I already have my home contents insurance with Goldcrest.

As you know i already had a good policy with a company i’d been with for a while now and was nervous to change company. However i found you to be even more thorough than them, efficient and reasonably priced.

I will not hesitate to recommend you to anymore requiring your insurance service. double-inverted-comma

Zena Nairi LLB (Hons) – REFURB-IT-ALL

Re: 7th June 2018

double-inverted-comma I can highly recommend Goldcrest Insurance Ltd to anyone looking for a genuinely trusted insurance broker and professional customer service. Alex and his colleagues not only took the time to guide me through all the company’s specific insurance needs, but insisted that i should speak to their director who personally found us an insurance quote that was both price competitive and comprehensive for our need. Since then i have referred three other companies to Goldcrest Insurance Ltd and they have successfully delivered every time. double-inverted-comma

Rumen Zhechev – Director, White Cleat Ltd

Re:Testimonial for your business – 14th September 2017

double-inverted-comma Dear Tom,

I’ve been facing rising premiums on my Physiotherapy practice insurance policies year on year and I recently asked you to take a look and see if you could find me a better deal.

Not only have you saved me £300 but you also spotted some errors that my previous policy providers had missed which would have left areas of my practice not properly covered by insurance.

I’d like to thank you so much for your efforts in researching a better deal and your thoroughness in making sure I had all areas covered. Furthermore you spotted areas of cover that I didn’t need where significant savings could be made.

I really appreciate the hard work you have put in and would recommend you to other business owners. double-inverted-comma

Diana Wilson – Physio on the River Ltd

Re:Goldcrest Insurance – Strong IT Testimonial – 3rd March 2017

double-inverted-comma Dear Mark,

I have been using Goldcrest Insurance services for many years, for both my personal home contents insurance and for all my business insurance (PI, office insurance, van insurance, goods in transit, etc.).

At all times I have found your team friendly and knowledgeable, your advice on point and the pricing highly completive – as you always investigate the market and get the right policies tailor made for me.

This is a given and is the service you offer, but is not the reason why I am writing this testimonial.

After one of your recent 60 seconds, you mentioned pool car insurance and it got me thinking about my own company car insurance policies.

My personal car policy was due for renewal and an extremely hefty premium (I have no idea why!).

After a brief conversation and with you investigating the market, you worked out that I could consolidate all the company car’s in my business along with my own car policy for the same cost as my own policy alone.

Not only did you save me a fortune, you managed to get me a far better policy for my business and consolidate all my costs under one policy on a very reasonable payment plan.

I have always used and referred you, but this only cements the fact that I will continue to do so when opportunity arises.

So to, “Insure with the best call Mark at Goldcrest” – thank you Mark. double-inverted-comma

Warren Lipman – Storm IT

Re:Mark Herbert

double-inverted-comma This week I had to add a new driver onto my insurance policy and particularly concerned if the driver had an accident which was out of my control that my renewal premiums could be greatly affected with a claim.

I was therefore advised to put the insurance under my company name, rather than personal, so if I did have to make a claim with the driver at fault, he would carry the claim under his name rather than mine, thus completely taking the stress out of adding a new driver.

I would like to say a big thank you and recognize Mark Herbert and his staff at Goldcrest Insurance for being so patient, professional and knowledgeable in helping answer all my concerns.

I can therefore confidently recommend them to anyone that wants good affordable insurance with great customer service. double-inverted-comma

Greg Newman – DOR-2-DOR

Re:Marvel Fleet Insurance – 16 December 2016

double-inverted-comma Dear Mark,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team at GoldCrest for helping us establish our fleet insurance at Marvel.

Until recently, our van insurances were spread over a number of policies, across several insurers.

Mark advised me the best way to insure our vans under a fleet policy. We were able to consolidate all of our insurances and even add additional under 25 drivers, all with comprehensive cover and in the most cost-effective way. He was able to cancel and amalgamate our outstanding policies, and give me all the information required to deal with our other insurers quickly.

This is certainly a good level of service, but what made it truly impressive is the timeframe in which this all took place. Marvel were due to take delivery of 2 new vans, and an oversight on our part meant that we needed the insurance to be in place by 12.00 in order for us to receive them. I called Mark at 10.00 that day and within 2 hours everything was sorted – insurance in place and documents sent.

Mark you really want the extra mile to ensure minimal disruption to our business, for which I am very grateful. I would have no hesitation in recommending GoldCrest to any of our clients. double-inverted-comma

Stephen Rooney – Marvel Property Solutions

Re: Michael Knight – 10 November 2016

double-inverted-comma My wife and I have a number of properties that we rent out. Our main contact at our old broker had left the industry and so we asked Michael Knight to quote on a group buildings insurance policy to cover all the properties.

I was particularly impressed with the service we received. Michael’s reply was swift and very thorough. His quote was also lower in cost. Not only that but he had also really thought about our needs. In addition to all the previous benefits we had enjoyed with our old policy, his recommended new policy included rent protection. This additional peace of mind was something we greatly valued.

It is therefore without hesitation that I recommended Michael Knight of Goldcrest Insurance to you. double-inverted-comma

Duncan Richardson – JDi Integrated Marketing Limited


double-inverted-comma Dear Mark and the team at GoldCrest Insurance,

I recently made significant investments in equipment and needed my insurance to reflect this whilst also having the correct cover for when we’re out and about on location.

Not only did Michael from GoldCrest listen extremely patiently, whilst I tried to make sure that I relayed all the right information, he was also helpful and very supportive as this is the first time I’ve undertaken such a large insurance policy in my business career.

Michael then took his time and allowed for me to consider my options and what to include on my policy, to find the right price at the right cover.

Nobody really wants to deal with insurance companies, and GoldCrest really are worth more than their weight in gold when it comes to saving time, making sure you don’t get used and are not without the vital tools to earn your living.

Thanks GoldCrest, I’ll certainly be recommending you to anyone else I come across who needs cover in my industry. double-inverted-comma

Ben Burman – Bold Mountain Media Limited

Re:Mark Herbert – 2nd September 2016

double-inverted-comma Dear Mark,

Early in July I unfortunately encountered a minor collision with a van to which Mark provided excellent support. He was very helpful – offering to investigate the liability dispute that occurred between myself and the other driver and helped to achieve the right outcome. Mark was also very helpful in advising me on the paperwork that was required to the other drivers insurance in order to make a claim. He was quick to respond and easy to reach via telephone and email. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mark for all his help and to offer this testimonial of him – I cannot recommend Mark enough. He is very helpful and a sheer pleasure to work and communicate with. double-inverted-comma

Sebastian Sandler – XUL Architecture

Re: Mark- 28 July 2016

double-inverted-comma Dear Mark,
I wanted to thank you for your help with insuring my recently purchased Porsche 911 Turbo.

You came highly recommended to me via Ashley Winston of Palmdale Motors, and I’m very pleased to say that you absolutely lived up to expectation.

The quotes I had received previously were very competitively priced but I was not sure whether I was getting the right level of cover to protect my car, which is quite a significant investment for me. You helped me by ensuring I ended up with insurance cover that is very comprehensive.

You are on the ball, you know your stuff and I constantly felt like you were on my side trying to get me the best deal.

I will very happily recommend you to anyone needing insurancedouble-inverted-comma

Jill Kent

Re: Styliana Vasili – 29 Jun 2016double-inverted-comma Dear Tom,

I would like to thank Goldcrest Insurance and yourself for ensuring that we are now insured for our Roofing work thoroughly and accurately.

You came to a BNI meeting a month after I had been struggling to secure a Policy that would cover us for Roofing and Heat Work. I had requested two quotes (after dozens of email exchanges answering questionnaire after questionnaire) from two other Insurance Brokers that month and they had still not managed to secure us an appropriate Policy that could cover our needs as a Roofing Company.

One of the Brokers kindly informed us after about a month of trying to secure a Policy for us that he could get us insured for everything…apart from Roofing and Heat Work. But that’s what we needed our Policy to cover us for in the first place! The other broker could not get us Insured by an A rated Insurance Company and the best deal he could get for us was a Roofing Policy that incorporated Heat Work with an Insurance Company that I had never heard of. I did a simple Google Search and found that this Insurance Company was on the way to insolvency. A few months down the line, the paper the Policy would have been written on would have had more value attached to it than the Policy itself.

You approached me after the meeting and told me that you could get us a Policy from an A rated Insurance Company at a fraction of the quote I had received. I politely agreed and thought you would not be able to. You were able to secure us a Lloyd’s Policy that covered us for Roofing and Heat Work for significantly less money than the quote we had received by the other Broker from the random, almost insolvent Insurance company we were quoted for. I was confused and asked you how you managed it. You told me that your friends with IIGL who are best friends with Lloyd’s. Moral of the story? You have better friends in the Insurance world than other Insurance Brokers and consequently get the best deals!

We look forward to growing our future Policies with Goldcrest Insurance as we grow.double-inverted-comma

Styliana Vasili – Buildas Limited

Re: Mark Herbert – 29th July 2015

double-inverted-comma MRA Plumbing and Heating Works to the highest standards and because We Work to those standards we expect the highest standards from the people we work with,that’s why we use Mark from Goldcrest.

Mark recently saved me £200 on my car insurance but it’s not just about the money,I know that I’m in safe hands with Mark and his team.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mark for any insurance policy.He recently saved a friend of mine on his fleet insurance.double-inverted-comma

Matthew Andrews – MRA Plumbing & Heating (UK) Ltd

Re: Fabio – 16th March 2015

double-inverted-comma Thank you so much for sorting out my House Buildings Insurance. Having won the door prize from Sam Dony a few weeks back it became apparent that my lapsed policy could cause more than a few headaches.

Having discussed with Sam the absolute necessities to include to ensure that if the worst should happen we wouldn’t just be insured, but we would be suitably covered, I then tasked you with finding the right policy.

You took my challenge on and came back with a very competitive quote, beating my current insurers and others along the way.

After all- I wanted the best – so I of course went to Fab at Goldcrest!!. double-inverted-comma

Benita Marks – Rhubard Workwear

Re: Kyle – 16th February 2015

double-inverted-commaThank you for a top class service and fantastic quote, for my public liability insurance. You helped me secure a quote that was significantly cheaper than all of the results I was getting from searching endlessly online.

It is vital that at this early stage in the development of our business, that we save as much money as possible, to invest in a whole manner of excruciatingly expensive equipment. Your help has certainly allowed us to do this. In fact, the money we saved on our public liability insurance allowed us to invest in a piece of equipment which has become instrumental in creating the smooth and professional looking shots we need, which in turn is getting us more business.

You took all the stresses and strains away from the process of getting an insurance quote and I couldn’t have asked for a better, more helpful service.

I will be recommending Goldcrest Insurance to everyone I know in my field, who is looking for similar insurance quotes.double-inverted-comma

Thanks Ben Burman, Amphinet

Re: Mark – 12th November 2014

double-inverted-comma Once again I would like to thank Mark for saving me huge amounts of money and finding the best policies for my van, landlord and PL insurance policies.

I also can rest in the knowledge that in the event of any claim I will be in safe hands.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Mark to anyone.double-inverted-comma

Mathew Andrews – MRA Plumbing & Heating (UK) Ltd

Re: Max – 5th September 2014

double-inverted-comma I am writing to thank you for the excellent job you have done since you took over my insurance policies.

Initially I gave you my motor insurance to look at, and you were able to provide me with a very competitive quote, which gave me all the benefits I wanted.

However, it was with regards to my household (buildings and contents) cover that you really excelled.

I have previously left this cover with The Prudential, and have automatically renewed with them every year since the very early 1990’s.

You took my cover from The Prudential during summer 2013, providing me with a better quality of cover for a slightly lower price.

However, when this cover came up for renewal in 2014, you really excelled.

As with my first year with you, I still have cover underwritten by a quality household name insurer, only now I save over forty seven pounds per month compared to last year!

And, you even moved my monthly payments back a week so that they now are made just after my payday, instead of just before – making my monthly cash flow that little bit easier to handle – and you ensured there was no resulting break in cover. Really, outstanding service!

Thank you, Max. I have no hesitation in recommending Goldcrest in general, and you in particularly to all my friends and family.double-inverted-comma

Karlo J Webb

Re: Kyle – 25th April 2014

double-inverted-comma Thanks for this. You have been really helpful, and very straightforward. A pleasure to deal with.

I appreciate your help. Thank you.double-inverted-comma

Anthony Hiley

Re: Fabio – 18th March 2014

double-inverted-comma I needed to renew my home contents insurance. I got a renewal from my current insurers, Fabio and a couple of others. Fabio came back to me promptly where others did not. Despite not being the cheapest Fabio got me a price match which included good cover.

As a result we are now insured with Goldcrest. Fabio was helpful, informative and therefore won the business.

I would have no hesitation in recommending him on. I also have public liability insurance coming up for renewal shortly. double-inverted-comma

Z Nairi LLD (Hons) – Refurb-It-All

Re: Mark – 1st February 2014

double-inverted-comma Mark has now renewed my public liability, van, car and landlord insurance and in the process has saved me a lot of money. This in itself makes my BNI memberships worthwhile.

Not only does Mark offer a clean, crisp, professional service, his staff do as well.

I have no hesitation in referring Mark to anyone and every person that I have referred to him. Mark has also taken the time to call me and thank me for putting them in contact with him. double-inverted-comma

M Andrews – MRA Plumbing & Heating

Re: Leslie – 31st January 2014

double-inverted-comma I would like to take the opportunity to say how DELIGHTED we were for the quotation on our Honda.
Since buying the car I have been insuring it under my name, as Carlos has no no-claims history at all and has had to start from scratch.

Having been quoted over £2000 by my current insurers I thought I’d try Goldcrest. Initially you quoted about £1500 but then you worked your magic and came back to me not long after with a fantastic price of £700.

We were really impressed with your efficiency and professionalism and I would be proud to recommend you to everyone I know without hesitation.

Next time we won’t ‘Go & Compare’ we will come to the best – Leslie from Goldcrest. double-inverted-comma

Suzy Samuel – Squeaky Clean Contract Cleaning Services

Re: Kyle – 28th January 2014

double-inverted-comma Having been my broker for well over a year and having recommended you to many clients. I am always appreciative when you are able to offer your service and the net end result is that there is no change in my premium.

I would like to thank you for the excellent speed of service, reaching the market and arranging insurance, as it turns out, with the same insurance company for a different and significantly higher value product but at no additional cost/premium, which came as a most pleasant surprise.

As always, I will continue to recommend your efficient service with your wide knowledge of products and insurers and look forward to a continuing long-term beneficial relationship. double-inverted-comma

R Spiro FRICS – Thresholds Surveyors

Re: Max – 8th November 2013

double-inverted-comma I got a call from a new client who was in a terrible flap because she needed to arrange an indemnity policy ASAP in order to meet the 30 day completion date of a property purchase she had recently made at auction.

Her solicitors were not able to assist and she told me she had made many inquiries trying to arrange the policy – the poor women was extremely stressed out. I told her I would check the “The Best – Goldcrest”. I called you, you took her details and after a brief telephone conversation with you the policy was arranged. She was delighted and so was I.

Thank you – it is reassuring to know MPIS has a contact like you who can add value to our business and our clients. double-inverted-comma

Debbie Compas – MPIS

Re: Max – 8th November 2013

double-inverted-comma I would like to thank Max from Goldcrest Insurance for going out of his way to find us the best possible price for our Van insurance.

After looking at several quotes Max managed to save us over £300. We will most certainly be insuring all of our vehicles with Goldcrest for both Ramels florist and personal.

I would not hesitate to recommend you to all of our friends and business contacts double-inverted-comma

Melanie Mustafa – Ramels Floral Design

Re: Mark Herbert – 15th October 2013

double-inverted-comma I recently received the annual renewal notice for my public liability insurance and instead of blindly renewing with the same company for another year I decided to pass it to Mark to see what he could do.

Mark immediately identified a ‘gap’ in my insurance cover. When he pointed this out to me I couldn’t believe that my previous insurer hadn’t noticed the omission and I’ve been insured with them for the past 10 years! It made me realize that Mark fully understood my business and the risks involved.

Although the premium was around the same I renewed with Goldcrest as I feel I would be in safe hands in the event of a claim. double-inverted-comma

Jill Thorn – Blue Umbrella

Re: Fabio Moruzzi- 7th October 2013

double-inverted-comma I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your help in arranging my insurance for both my home and my van.

I had long believed that the most competitive deals were to be had using faceless, humorless websites. I used to get so frustrated at being asked to type in all of my details to prepare a quote to then be told that I wouldn’t get a quote after all and some (I presume) spotty youth would call me at some inconvenient time the following day. It is hard to admit, but was wrong!

Dealing with you is so much easier – you have a face, a sense of humor and your are not (quite) a spotty youth!! You made insuring both my home and my van easy, going away to find out the answers to all of my awkward questions, and to put the icing on the cake, your prices are extremely competitive. No sensible person could ask for any more.

Doing business with you was a pleasure and I will recommend you to colleagues and family whenever I am able.

Thank you once again. double-inverted-comma

Matt Shopper

Re: Fabio Moruzzi- 17th September 2013

double-inverted-comma I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for the help you gave me recently renewing our car fleet insurance.

You found us better cover at a cheaper price and with the absolute minimum of fuss. You are always at the end of the phone ready to help and I am delighted with the service.

I really appreciate your help and will not hesitate to use your services again and to recommend you and your company at every opportunity.double-inverted-comma

Daniel Lewis

Re: Fabio Moruzzi- 16th September 2013

double-inverted-comma A few weeks back I called you up regarding building and contents insurance for my home. You went through the quote for me over the phone and to my delight you were £100 cheaper than all my other quotes.

Therefore it is a no brainer to sign with Goldcrest. I immediately agreed to sign up with you and within 2 days I received my welcome pack in the post.

Thank you for the incredibly professional service you gave me. You are the best at what you do and I will highly recommend you to everyone and anyone who needs insurance. double-inverted-comma

D Zsyblat – Wired Flow

Re: Mark Herbert – 11th September 2013

double-inverted-comma Just to say how impressed I am with you and your staff handling the insurance for a property portfolio. Every time a new property is purchased it is easily added to the premium without aggravation. It has saved a lot of money by having them all under one premium rather than having each one separately insured, was far more expensive.

I have also been very impressed with the knowledge, and the manner in which your staff have handled everything. Nothing is too much trouble. That is why I have recommended your company to my clients for all different types of insurance, and why I have all my insurances, business and personal with Goldcrest. double-inverted-comma

James Coleman – Jigsol Business Solutions LLP

Re: Kyle Goodman – 8th August 2013

double-inverted-commaI wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your help in arranging various insurance policies for my parent and me.

In both instances you were extremely efficient and more than helpful. The advice you provided us was tailored to our specific needs which ensured that the policies provided were exactly what was required. This was especially true in the case of my parents, whose needs, I understand, were slightly more complicated than many of your usual clients which kept you on the telephone to my mother longer than anyone outside of the family should have to be!

Joking apart, the way you assisted us gives us nothing but confidence in the service you provide and, as a result, both my parents and I would not and have not hesitated in recommending you to our family and friends. double-inverted-comma

A Kakouris – Kallis & Co

Re: Kyle Goodman – 19th July 2013

double-inverted-comma I have now insured with Kyle on several occasions. The first time, we moved our practice insurance to him. He saved us around a 1/3 on our premiums. Not only that, he resolved a nasty issue for us with our prior insurer who tried to refused to cancel our policy with them unless we paid them for the whole upcoming years fees.

The second time, we moved our house insurance to him. Our previous broker failed to action our renewal leaving us potentially uninsured and Kyle managed to renew our policy with the same insurer without a break in policy.

The third time, I had just moved my wife’s car insurance, again not only seamless, he also saved us 25% on the premium.
When my car insurance renewal is up in November, I will be moving that policy to Goldcrest too.

Moving your insurance policies to Kyle and Goldcrest is SIMPLES. It has to be one of the easiest referrals you can give, and he will save you money and hassle.

The only thing he cant do is give you a Meerkat toy each time you insure with him.
I highly recommend Kyle at Goldcrest for all your insurance needs. double-inverted-comma

Jonathan Bennett – Boots Opticians

Re: Kyle Goodman – 20th May 2013

double-inverted-comma I want to thank you Kyle for your help sorting out the insurance for my father’s car. You were given very little time and had to quote different options and you managed to find the best deal for me. Thank you for making it simple and stress free, during a stressful time.

I would happily recommend you to anyone and will continue to use you in the future. double-inverted-comma

Graham Foxx – FOXX Fox Security Solutions Ltd

Re: Kyle Goodman – 14th May 2013

double-inverted-comma I would like to give two examples of Kyle’s outstanding work.

I am a sole trader and need Public Liability Insurance. Recently, my insurers wrote to me regarding renewal, they had increased the cost by 15%. I phoned Goldcrest and asked Kyle if he could find me another quote. Within the hour he had found me several quotes and decided which would be most suitable to my business. It was 30% cheaper and the cover had been increased to 2 million pounds.

A couple of weeks ago I purchased a car on a Saturday. I contact Kyle that day and within seconds he had my details on the computer and had changed the cover.

The service at Goldcrest is second to none. They listen to the customer, give knowledgeable and appropriate advice and they act rapidly. I will be recommending them to all my contacts. double-inverted-comma

Justin Pearce – Just the Man Professional Tiling Services

Re: Kyle Goodman

double-inverted-comma I very rarely give a testimonial in BNI, in fact, this is my first testimonial since joining the chapter.

I’d just like to thank you formally for your perseverance and excellent endeavor in obtaining a fleet insurance policy for me and my team.

Following £40,000 worth of claims our best quote was £25,000, with some insurers not even willing to give us cover. You got it sorted for £15,000 and ensured my team and I can keep on the road. Your service is unrivaled and I wish everyone worked like you. double-inverted-comma

Theo Constanti – Marble Lettings

Re: Kyle Goodman – March 2013

double-inverted-comma Since I first met Kyle Goodman, I have now approached him three times for insurance quotes.

In the first instance my wife asked about professional indemnity insurance. He advised her that she was already with the best and cheapest source for her particular requirements, and there would be no benefit in changing.

Then, my son required vehicle insurance. Kyle once again, after investigating the details, advised against using his services, and gave excellent advice as to what my son should do.

Finally, my son required contents insurance for a flat he has moved into. Kyle spent a good deal of time on this, despite the sum involved being small, and he has now arranged the insurance for my son.

Kyle Goodman has given outstanding and unbiased advice and service, setting aside any short term financial benefits in exchange for developing a long term business relationship, and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who wants an honest and professional service. double-inverted-comma

Laurence Tyfield

Re: Kyle Goodman – 8th March 2013

double-inverted-comma Recently I moved into a dual live / work space. I asked Kyle to see if he could find me an insurance policy. Given the type of property and the need for insurance of both personal contents and commercial contents I suspected it would not be straightforward. During the course of lengthy discussion with Kyle it soon became clear that finding a policy would be more difficult that I imagined :
1. The building was registered only for commercial use.
2. My product – tea – is perishable and susceptible to damage from exposure to moisture and heat.

After numerous attempts, Kyle was not able to find an insurance company prepared to take on the risk. It is quite apparent that most brokers would have simply given up. However, Kyle showed real commitment and desire to find me a policy. His hard work and tireless endeavour was rewarded almost 2 weeks later. I have subsequently used Kyle to find a separate (motor) insurance policy and will suggest to my contacts that they use him for their insurance requirements. double-inverted-comma

Dan Rook – The Fine Tea Company

Dear Mark

double-inverted-comma Thank you for your recent communication concerning my landlords insurance policy and for saving me some money!
I would have no hesitation in recommending Goldcrest insurance services to friends and family since you provided sound advice as well as some additional cover to further protect my interests.

You managed to simplify the solution and talk me through the options giving me some confidence in the policy offered. My original quote was in excess of £1,200 and you managed to offer a policy for £864 saving over £300 pound.

Once again a huge thank you, to save any money is a bonus but to save so much is fantastic. double-inverted-comma

Mark Potter

Dear Mark

double-inverted-comma I am writing to thank you for the outstanding deals you have done on our insurance recently.

After insuring our cars previously with another insurer I was delighted when Goldcrest Insurance were able to save me over £400 for the same level of cover when compared to Mercedes offering.

But it’s not all about cost, I also received an outstanding level of service, my insurances were dealt with quickly and professionally and I will definitely be talking to Mark and the team at Goldcrest Insurance when our other insurances come up for renewal.

Having had first hand experience in working with Goldcrest Insurance I have the utmost confidence in referring them and I will certainly be recommending them to my colleagues, friends and family. double-inverted-comma

Neil Taylor

Dear Mark

double-inverted-comma I am very happy to provide this testimonial without hesitation. I have been with my previous broker for nearly 5 years. I wasn’t happy with them as premiums increased year by year. Thankfully, Mark not only managed to get my premiums down by £500 per year but also provide enhanced cover that is tailored to my requirements.

I was away on the date of my renewals. I spoke to Mark before I went on holiday and he told me to go and relax. He would look after my insurance. When I got back, it was all sorted as he promised.

From both a professionals and personal point of view, Goldcrest Insurance not only saved me a considerable sum on my fleet insurance but also made my life easier.

I will definitely use you in the future and I would thoroughly recommend your service to anyone in need of insurance for Car, Van, and Fleet and for their Business.

Thank you very much!double-inverted-comma

Harsha Rathnayake MBA, B.Eng (Hons) – Managing Director

Dear Fabulous Fabio

double-inverted-comma I recently had to renew my buildings insurance, due to the fact that I had a break in at home in November, I was having difficulty finding a suitable insurance policy as my current insurer had refused to renew my policy due to the me having a lodger.

I tried another broker but he could not find me anything suitable at a decent price, the best he could do was getting close to £900.00 per annum with many restrictions . I came to you ,within a short space of time you had found me a much better deal at a fraction of the price with none of the restrictions that the other company were imposing upon me.

I will bringing all of my insurance policies to you when they come up for renewal, and I will recommend you to anyone who I know is looking for insurance renewals.

Yours truly are Fabulous Fabio!double-inverted-comma

George McConville – Monarch Pest Control Services.

Dear Fabia

double-inverted-comma I had been with the same insurer for some time, but now having upgraded my mode of transport from 125 cc to an ultra-powerful 200 cc scooter I found myself having to change to change my insurance terms.

This is to thank you for shopping around and taking the care to find the beat insurance deal for me. Your quote turned out to be substantially less than my current insurance and was dealt with swiftly.

Your quality of service have been excellent and I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone else who owns a vehicle, whether two or four wheels, as well as business associates, family and friends.

Thank you once again.double-inverted-comma

Simon Miller – Simon Miller Architects Ltd

Re Kyle Goodman

double-inverted-comma I have tried to put a considerable business to Kyle as each of my commercial, home and motor insurances come up for renewal.. Even though on some occasion he has not been able to match my existing premiums he has been honest with me and told me so with good grace.

He never fails to return calls and keeps you informed throughout the renewal process. I think I was not flavor of the month with him last week where he had a very short period to get alternative quotes. Whilst he was looking for insurance for me, he pointed out that I was very over insured, even though reducing my cover would have meant less commission for him.

A professional is defined as someone who makes a living doing what is best for his client. In these days of meerkats and go compare Kyle is a true professional. I commend him to you. double-inverted-comma

Jeffrey Finegold

Dear Kyle

double-inverted-comma When asked if you could help my wife, you immediately said “Of course”.

You lined up the insurers and had them fighting over who would sponsor her next ‘no fault’ accident. Thank you for your help which was remarkably quick, with the added bonus of a saving from existing insurers. I look forward to using your professional services in the future.double-inverted-comma

Russell Spiro – FRICS

Dear Lesley

double-inverted-comma Thank you for your recent work in organising my motor insurance.

You have sorted out my company van and car and then last week you insured my motorbikes.
You were very helpful , you saved me money and were a pleasure to deal with.

I would not hesitate in recommending you to anybody I know. In fact I have already done so and they too are using you I think for their home contents insurance.double-inverted-comma

Jeremy Harris – Splash printing

Dear Mark

double-inverted-comma I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your assistance following my Daughters major car accident.

On the evening on Wednesday 28th March, Louise was involved in a head on collision near to our home leaving her in intensive care following 5 hours trauma surgery to her internal organs and leg.

Although it was not my major concern I knew I had to inform my insurance company, GOLDCREST. It only took one text via Peter to put my mind at rest. I received a text from you to say it was all in hand and wishing Louise well. At this point I knew I could relax about insurance concerns.

Over the next few days and weeks you continued to be so helpful and supportive with any questions I had and within 4 weeks, bearing in mind it was Easter, I was paid out in full for my car.

Louise had only been driving for 2 weeks when this happened which just goes to show that you are correct when you say ‘Insure with the best, insure with Goldcrest’ this really is the case and as always I will have no hesitation recommending you to others . You can only tell how good your insurers are when an accident like this happens and I must say you were brilliant!!!
Louise continues to make good but slow progress and once again we both thank you for all your help and support.double-inverted-comma


Dear Mark

double-inverted-comma I would like to thank you for sorting out car insurance for our two new company cars. We spoke to other recommended agents who were quoting ridiculously high premiums.

As soon as I called Goldcrest , you were able to offer a mini fleet policy owing to your relationship with the insurers and the amount of fleet business you do with them. The policy covers us for everything we wanted and was considerably cheaper than the others.

Furthermore we were covered immediately and the policy documents were received the next day.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Goldcrest for car insurance in future.

Thank you very much.double-inverted-comma

Debbie Essex – Director – Jeffersons Management Services.

Dear Lesley

double-inverted-comma I first considered using Goldcrest Insurance after hearing from literally dozens of other business professionals who work in the local area, about the fantastic deals and customer service you provide. When I sought to find the best deal for tradesman insurance with you , I found this hearsay to be absolute truth.

In your cheerful and helpful manner, you took down all the required details and relieved me of all the time and stress that I would have usually engaged in and sourced the exact kind of policy I needed for the best possible price. My previous insurer, who was a large, well known company, suspiciously insisted on underwriting me as being a painter-decorator as my main trade. Not only have you correctly underwritten me as a marker of quality bespoke furniture, but you beat their quote and halved my excess, too.

So, to save time, money and confusion and to ensure the right level of cover, I would without hesitation always look to and recommend Goldcrest for all insurance needs.double-inverted-comma

Philip Harding BA(hons) – Proprietor