Scaffolders Insurance what you need to know!

We have a number of scaffolders come to us on a daily basis to be insured for either public liability insurance, employer’s liability insurance or for fleet insurance. There is no doubt about it, Scaffolding is a high risk trade and not many companies will cover it.  At Goldcrest we have a good panel of insurers who will look at Liability insurance for Scaffolders which means we can offer competitive rates. Our rates cover the self-employed scaffolder as well as the large scaffold companies with big turnovers, which in turn increase the risks.

Scaffolding accidents are as alarming as they are numerous, and some are tragic. There are known incidents of workers falling to their death after a suspension cables snapping. But luckily not all incidents end in tragedy. Another construction worker fell 13 feet when a scaffold collapsed, fortunately he escaped serious injury because he was wearing a safety harness. Both incidents, each in their own way, underscore the importance of scaffolding safety.

This is why it is essential that all the correct insurances are in place so the company is fully protected from any occurrences. We will also give you advise on Health and safety and put you in touch with the relevant people if need be.

Only this week we had a scaffolding company come to us looking for insurance. They have a turnover of just over a million pounds, plus they have a high manual wage roll, all this increases risk, requiring them needing 10 million public liability cover which there current insurers could not facilitate. We were able to do this for them with an A rated insurer and also save them over £1500.00 in premium. That being said this company had been training for 5 years claim free which gives them a strong discount.

I can therefore confidently recommend Goldcrest Insurance to anyone that wants good affordable insurance with great customer service.

- Greg Newman - DOR-2-DOR

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