Contractors All Risk Insurance

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This is what we call the rolls Royce policy for a contractor. It covers contractors for the entire risk and can combine all different sorts of high risk liability insurance.

For instance if you are doing an extension on a client’s house and there is a fire or a flood on the part you are working on … a standard public liability policy would not cover this. An All risk policy would, it covers you for the contract price and contract period, as well as your liabilities /tools and plant.

You can have unlimited height cover … cover for asbestos removal/piling and ground works

Plant & Equipment : Contractors All Risk Insurance is designed to provide the very best protection for owners and hirers of construction plant and equipment. It covers physical loss or damage to Construction Plant

Contract value : Contractors all risk Insurance can also include cover for a contract value. Contract value can be insured to cover loss or damage caused by insured perils. This cover can be vital if you are involved with extensions , new builds or loft conversions, where the building works are not yet complete and can’t be covered under a building insurance.

Public and Product liability :Contractors All Risk Insurance can be extended to include public liability cover that will protect you from any liabilities from a Third Party’s (other than your employees) bodily injury or damage to their property that may occur during the normal operation of your business.

Employers Liability :Contractors All-Risk Insurance provides employers liability (if required). If you employ anyone outside your immediate family, you are required by law to purchase Employers Liability insurance. Employers Liability Insurance offers you protection for any liability arising from injury or illness sustained by employees while they are working for you. Your Employers Liability Certificate of Insurance must be displayed in a prominent place within your business.

You can speak directly with one of our specialist advisors who will let you know exactly what sort of cover will fit the needs of your firm. WE DO NOT CUT CORNERS AND DO NOT OFFER QUOTES FOR COMPANIES ,WHO DO NOT TAKE OUT THE SPECIFIC INSURANCE THEY SHOULD HAVE THAT RELATES TO THEIR NEEDS, AFTER BEING ADVISED BY US.

Are rates are extremely competitive and the policies and the wordings are the best out there with the companies we use.

Claims handling is fast and efficient due to the fact that we thoroughly go through your needs before we place you on cover .. therefore not discovering any non-disclosures further down the line.